Anthony Mascioli Rainbow Community Dialogues

Anthony Mascioli Rainbow Community Dialogues

The Rainbow Dialogues dialogue title and a brief description are given below. Each dialogue will be interactive with the audience. Audience participation is expected. There will be time for Q & A after each dialogue.
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  • 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Date : March 24th 2018
  • Rochester Public Library
  • Free

Dialogue Descriptions

Dialogue Breakout Session 1 10:30am – Noon

1 Marriage Equality: What It takes To Create Change
Facilitator: Franklin Robinson
Moderators: Anne Tischer & Bess Watts

Political change does not happen in a vacuum. Anne Tischer and Bess Watts, Rochester’s Marriage Equality activists, will share the road they took in becoming grass roots organizers and activists in the fight for Marriage Equality NY. The dialogue will focus on a discussion of strategies, and political processes that changed the culture to make Marriage Equality a reality in New York State.

Possible Collections To Use:
3 Backstreets Photo collection,
18 Miss Gay Rochester Pageant, 22 Tom Privitere Collection,
30 Anne Tischer and Bess Watts

2 Influence of Gay Liberation on Faith Communities in Rochester
Facilitator: Rev. Stephanie Sauve
Moderator: Ralph Carter
Rev. Denise Donato, ECC
Bruce Colburn
Deborah Hughes

The role gay liberation played in creating open and affirming communities of faith in Rochester, NY is not known. Individuals and their faith communities each experienced their “Stonewall” moments. Faith communities in Rochester struggled within their denominations and externally with LGBTQ+ issues. This dialogue will focus on how these struggles helped to create the critical mass needed to change the hearts, minds and attitudes of faith communities toward the LGBTQ+ inclusion in ministry and service to the community.

Possible Collections To Use:
A Ralph Carter – Contact Evelyn Bailey -
5 Pat Cloonan,
17 Norris “Bud” Minard,
21 John Noble Collection,
27 Tim Sally,
29 Rev. Walt Szymanski

3 AIDS – Community Response To A Recurring Crisis: HIV/AIDS
Facilitator: John Altieri – Rich Fowler
Moderator: Jasa’n Ward
Jo-Z Powers

From the very beginning in 1981 when AIDs was identified by Michael Gottlieb, graduate of U of R Medical school, Rochester has been in the forefront of the fight to provide services to those infected and to find a cure. Rochester’s response to this crisis is unknown, unparalleled and ongoing. This dialogue will focus on what the response was, what it is today, and what it will be in the future.

Possible Collections To Use:
1 John Altieri Collection,
6 Sue Cowell’s Collection,

Dialogue Breakout Session 2 2pm – 3:30pm

4 Cinema Makes Gay Culture Visible & Vital Facilitator: Gerry Szymanski
Moderator: Larry Champoux
Adam Lubitow

The ImageOut Film Festival, now in its 26th year, has provided the Rochester community with images of itself and gay culture in the United States and around the world. This dialogue will discuss the medium of film as the vehicle for bringing visibility to the gay community. The dialogue will focus on the impact cinema has on understanding, accepting, and owning our own culture, as well as creating it.

Possible Collections To Use:
8 David Emert/Jon Templin Collection,
16 Anthony Mascioli Collection,
31 ImageOut, Outlandish, Gay Alliance Video Collections

5 An Evolutionary Process For TVA's Past to Present Facilitator: Rowan Collins
Moderator: Pam Barres
Chloe Corcoran

In the early ‘70’s who were the role models? Role Cross-dressing and Transvestites played in transgender identity? Two members of the Transgender Community will share their personal experience of transitioning from different eras. The dialogue will focus on the differences in the culture at the time that shaped their journey, and the personal response each made to the decision to transition.

Possible Collections To Use:
3 Backstreets Photo Collection,
4 Pam Barres,
7 Cross dresser/Transvestite Newsletters,
14 Nancy Ann Hughes,
18 Miss Gay Rochester Pageant

6 The Liberation Movements: Where and What Do They Look Like Today
Facilitator: Tim Judd
Moderator: Barbara LeSavoy,
Milo Obourn,
Audrey Lai – Assistant

In the early ‘70’s you had the Civil rights Movement, the Women’s Movement and the Gay Rights Movement converging at about the same time. These movements are intertwined, and collectively contributed to the legal protections we now enjoy. Where are these movements today? This dialogue will focus on the changes that have occurred in these diverse movements, and where they are today.

Possible Collections To Use:
6 Sue Cowell,
9 Empty Closet Photograph Collection,
10 Joan Giuffre,
11 Green Thursday Tapes, Lambda Kodak,
20 Karen Monast,
23 Kathy Reilly